I've only read one book by Mons Kallentoft till Water Angels, titled Earthstorm, the eighth part of the series written by the Swedish author and having as a protagonist a hard-boiled female heroine named Malin Fors. I've enjoyed both Earthstorm and Malin's character, nevertheless, I can't say that it was a fresh and innovative novel that the reader will never forget. So, when I purchased Water Angels, I was at least expecting an entertaining novel but unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The book is a bit dull if not plain boring in some parts and the details around Malin's personal issues don't manage to engage the reader enough in order to empathize with the character. There is almost none suspense in this more than clichéd plotline about shady child adoptions from Vietnam to Sweden and Denmark which also involves -no surprise here- a pederast ring taking advantage of the fostered children. I will seriously consider if I will choose a Mons Kallentof novel in the future as there is plenty of much better Nordic Noir books waiting on my shelf.