About TapTheLine

Tap the Line is an ambitious, strictly personal, venture which was born by my love for books and cinema that I’ve fostered since my early years as a child. The visitor of my magazine can read reviews of books (both fiction and nonfiction), movies (from a wide variety of countries and genres), and television series always aspiring to keep my finger on the pulse of the current developments in these fields in order to attract the attention of the majority of the readership. Apart from the reviewing entries, in Tap the Line, you can also find articles, relevant to the magazine’s editorial focus, Q+As with authors and artists -I am honored to say that writers such as Arne Dahl and Yrsa Sigurdardottir accepted to answer my set of questions- as well as news from the literary and artistic world, recommendation lists, blog tours and other features that I hope will keep you invested on what you read. I strive to always remain alert and search for new ways to enrich the content of my magazine and soon there will be a major update as far as the website’s design is concerned. I aspire to become a known and esteemed member of the critics’ circle and through my presence, as Tap the Line Online Magazine, in social media websites such as Twitter (@TapTheLine1), Facebook (Tap The Line | Athens | Facebook) and Goodreads (Dimitris Passas (TapTheLine) (taptheline) - Athens, 35, Greece (2,011 books) | Goodreads), I’ve contacted and met, throughout the three years that I run the magazine, with several notable authors. I am heavily interested in learning more about the inner workings of the publishing industry and that would be my dream job as I firmly maintain that I have a lot to offer due to my genuine love for reading and writing.

Since April 2023, I am a CWA Associate Member.


My name is Dimitrios Passas, I am 38 years old, and I’ve completed my Bachelor studies in Sociology in the Panteion University of Athens while I continued my academic course in the University Ioannina as a postgraduate student in the field of Greek Philosophy-Philosophy of Science. I graduated summa cum laude and my thesis, titled “THE ONTOLOGY OF PLAY IN HERACLITUS AND NIETZSCHE”, received the praise of the supervising professors. The bibliography of my dissertation included thinkers and intellectuals such as Kostas Axelos, Eugen Fink, Gilles Deleuze, Alexander Nehamas and several others who marked the Continental philosophy of the twentieth century with their work. The reason why I chose to pore over philosophy on a higher level lies in my experience from the philosophy courses that I’ve attended while studying Sociology in Panteion. It was my dear professor Dimitris Lamprellis who instilled in me the thirst for exploring deeper into the field and to him I owe a great deal in terms of my academic development. It was during the course of his lessons on thinkers such as Michel Foucault and Friedrich Nietzsche that the foundations of my interest on philosophy were set. I knew beforehand that, professionally speaking, it may not be the wisest choice as there are only few jobs available in the Greek market that value this kind of education. However, I always believed that the choice of one’s studies and the job that he/she will end up doing don’t necessarily have to be correlated. While studying in the Universities of Panteion and Ioannina, I also attended classes on teaching English as a foreign language in the Hellenic American Union and after completing the full course, I got the official licence to teach English from the Ministry education and began delivering private lessons to children and adults, thus securing a basic income. During the recent years, I began my career as an entrepreneur in the field of electricity production through the employment of photovoltaic technology. That gave a further boost in my financial status quo and gave me ample time to devote myself to a new project, an online magazine (Tap the Line) that began its journey into the world of internet in January 2020.

You can contact TapTheLine in the following e-mail address: lizardjims3@gmail.com