Watch Adam Driver Keep Time in a Scene From ‘Ferrari’

The director Michael Mann narrates a sequence from his biopic about Enzo Ferrari.

Jan 26, 2024
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This article is a republication- Source: The New York Times (by Mekado Murphy).

The spiritual meets the primal in this scene from the biopic “Ferrari.”

As the sequence begins, the automotive mogul Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) arrives at a workers mass. The priest gives a speech about the miracle of the internal combustion engine. But attendees are distracted by another event happening simultaneously at the Autodromo, a nearby racetrack. Maserati is challenging Ferrari for the record there. So scenes of worship are intercut with the driver, Jean Behra (Derek Hill, the son of Phil Hill, the first American-born Formula 1 champion), navigating the course. In the church, Ferrari and his workers have their stopwatches out to time the Maserati.

Narrating the scene, the director Michael Mann said, “My serious intent was to imbue into audiences minds what’s in our characters’ minds, which is there’s something almost religious and deadly serious about it. The metaphysical, the savage power is really what is wedded together as a value in this scene.”

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