Upcoming Marvel TV Shows Coming To Disney Plus

Jan 28, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This article is a republication- Source (Erik Swann/Jason Wiese).

There are many reasons why a Disney+ subscription is totally worth it, but topping that list for many, I would imagine, is the streaming platform’s exclusive Marvel TV shows. From the dazzling inventiveness of Loki to the various corners of the Marvel Multiverse seen so far on the animated anthology series What If…?, Marvel Studios has managed to keep fans as interested in what happens on the small screen as they tend to do with any upcoming Marvel movies on the big screen and they are far from being done yet. The following is our rundown of all the upcoming Marvel TV shows you can expect to see on Disney+ soon enough.

Secret Invasion (Spring 2023)

In addition to its bizarre, mysterious premise, fans anticipated Disney+'s first Marvel-based series, WandaVision, especially for how it would connect to future MCU installments. A mid-credits sequence in the season finale seems to have paved the way toward Secret Invasion – an upcoming Disney+ show named after the 2008 comic book crossover event that revealed several superheroes were really Skrulls in disguise.

Running Marvel's Secret Invasion TV show is Emmy-nominated former Mr. Robot writer Kyle Bradstreet, MCU newcomers Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim direct, and Samuel L. Jackson stars as Nick Fury along with Ben Mendelsohn returning to his Captain Marvel role, Talos. The news of this upcoming series (which Variety reports is set for a Spring 2023 Disney+ premiere, as announced during San Diego Comic-Con) confirmed fans' suspicions that a previously untitled series led by Jackson's former S.H.I.E.L.D. director announced in September 2020 would be MCU's official adaptation of the popular comic.

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