QUICK REVIEW: The Girl In The Fog

Just brilliant!

Feb 16, 2019
Dimitris Passas

What a great film! The Girl In The Fog (the original title is La Ragazza Nella Nebbia) has all the elements that guarantee genuine, thrilling entertainment: the acting is terrific, the plot is ingenious and the quality of the dialogue is top-notch. Toni Servillo delivers once again an unforgettable performance as the Inspector-protagonist in this Italian crime/thriller, while the director, who is also the screenwriter and author of the titular novel, Donato Carrisi, makes an impressive debut in the film industry. This is not the typical Hollywood crime/noir film carrying all the cliches of the genre, but a meticulous character study and social commentary on the interrelationship between the judicial system and mass media. As the protagonist, Inspector Vogel states: "Justice doesn't boost ratings. Nobody cares about justice". This is a movie that demands the viewer's full attention and the reward is a brilliant finale that concludes the story of a missing teenage girl in a small Italian rural town. This film is recommended for all cinema lovers and not just those who are fond of crime/suspense stories. Make sure not to miss this Meditteranean gem!

NOTE: There is also another film written and directed by Donato Carrisi soon to be released, titled Into the Labyrinth (original title: L'uomo del labirinto). The official release date for Italy is 30 October 2019 and the first trailers look promising enough.


The Girl In The Fog
La ragazza nella nebbia
Donato Carrisi
128 min

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