The Fall is a television series which radiates novelty and originality, consciously avoiding the clichés of the conventional shows and succeeds in leaving its own distinctive mark in the genre's television productions history.

The story is completed in three seasons consisting of a total of seventeen episodes, and we are introduced in the story of Paul Spector, a bereavement counselor, and serial rapist/murderer living in present-day's Belfast. Spector is struggling to juggle his family life, being married and a father of two little kids, and his secret impulses and actions and he seems to achieve his goal until a new Inspector from England, Stella Gibson, enters the picture. Gibson is a brilliant and driven police officer who becomes obsessed with the "Belfast Strangler" case and follows every single lead in order to apprehend him.

This is the basis of the show's plot which unfolds in a rather slow pace, as it is mainly focused on the characters of the two protagonists and its development. The Fall is, above everything else, a character study which dares to explore the dark side of humanity, represented by Spector and the complexity of human emotions as reflected in Gibsons's behavior. Jamie Dornan gives one of the best performances in a television series in the last years, portraying a deeply flawed but nevertheless human character devoid of empathy and for whom we sometimes, as viewers, find ourselves to root for despite his depraved and callous actions. Gillian Anderson (X-Files) does a fine job in her role as Stella, with her blunt and detached manner but her performance is overshadowed by Dornan's impeccable acting.

This is a really dark show that doesn't offer any relief to the viewer but this murkiness makes it even more compelling and fascinating and you will probably binge-watch the three seasons. I haven't' seen any other Irish television series but The Fall made me curious enough to search for more productions from this beautiful country. If you are tired with the usual crime shows, you should definitely give this one a try and you will not regret it.