The Electric Lit Staff Recommends Our Favorite Banned Books

Nov 15, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This article is a republication- Source: Electric Lit.

lectric Literature is excited to announce our latest initiative to support the freedom to read. Through Banned Books USA, any resident of Florida can order books that have been banned or challenged in the state of Florida for free, plus the cost of shipping.

Of the over 800 books that have been banned and challenged in Florida, ~600 are available from The Electric Literature staff has selected some of our favorite books on this terrible list. Order one for yourself, or send it to a friend or relative in Florida.

Many of the books listed here give voice to marginalized, often silenced, communities, by telling authentic and rarely heard stories. Book bans serve nothing more than to disenfranchise vulnerable people, both socially and politically. Supporting the freedom to read is at the core of Electric Literature’s mission to keep literature exciting, relevant, and inclusive, and by partnering with Banned Books USA, we will help preserve access to some of the most vital literature ever written.

If successful, the project will expand to other states. The cost of the books are covered by donations, including seed funding by tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul English. Additional funds are being raised from people concerned about the erosion of rights and freedoms that book bans represent; you can make an earmarked, tax-deductible donation here.

Banned Books USA is conceived of and sponsored by Paul English and Joyce Linehan, in partnership with and Electric Literature.‍ Book orders will be fulfilled by, and the project is administered by Electric Literature. Following’s business model, 10% of the cover price of all books paid for by Banned Books USA will be donated to support Florida bookstores during our Florida pilot. In addition, one dollar for every order will be donated to the Florida Freedom to Read Project. For more information about book bans and the challenges against the books on this list, visit PEN America.

To read the full list click here

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