MICRO-REVIEW: The Corpse of Anna Fritz

A closed-room thriller set in a morgue.

Oct 8, 2019
Dimitris Passas

This is a rather disturbing and putrid Spanish thriller, short in length (76 minutes) with its story unfolding in the sterilized environment of a hospital morgue. Anna Fritz is a young and popular actress who died early and Pau who works the night shift decides, along with his two friends, Ivan and Javi, to commit one of the most revolting acts ever, that is to rape the corpse of Anna. Sounds horrid, right? The story takes a crazy turn when Anna wakes up from her coma and sees Pau molesting her. Now the three friends have to face their worst nightmare as they have to kill Anna to cover their sick actions. But Anna is not an easy victim...

The story moves forward at a rapid pace and the finale brings the catharsis that the audience demands since the beginning of the film. The order is restored and the perpetrators are severely punished by Anna herself. The Corpse of Anna Fritz (original title: El cadáver de Anna Fritz) is a bold film, considering its disturbing theme, and even though it is not a class-A thriller, it is entertaining enough to devote an hour of your time to watch it. Nevertheless, Spanish cinema has delivered some of the most memorable crime/thriller movies of the last decade such as Contratiempo, El Cuerpo, Que Dios nos Perdone and many others that are a level above The Corpse of Anna Fritz in terms of quality in screenwriting, plot, and cinematography. So, if you haven't watched those, it would be better to start with them.


The Corpse of Anna Fritz
El cadáver de Anna Fritz
Hèctor Hernández Vicens
76 min

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