The best Penguin Podcast episodes for aspiring writers

Jun 27, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This list is a republication- Source: Penguin (by Rachel Deeley).

Are you currently building the fictional world of an epic fantasy? Dreaming up a dark and twisty thriller? Or maybe you're angling to write the next Bridget Jones's Diary. Whatever your flavour of fiction, you may be in search of advice from your favourite authors on how they became accomplished writers – and the Penguin Podcast is here to help.

We've delved into the archives to find the best conversations with leading writers in every major genre, covering everything from dealing with criticism to character development and writer's block.

To start, we recommend this special episode about Demystifying Publishing, where award-winning Penguin author Derek Owusu, literary agent Crystal Mahey-Morgan, and editor Tom Avery talk to host Leena Norms about how to bring a book into the world. Covering everything from creative inspiration to finding an agent, to working with booksellers, this is a must-listen for every aspiring writer, whether you're only just putting pen to paper or you're ready to pitch your story.

You can find the full list here

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