This book is a must-read for everyone who enjoys Scandinavian, and more specifically Swedish, crime fiction as it offers insights in the Nordic Noir genre and also the reader has the opportunity to observe the phenomenon from its very beginning till the recent boom in the international market with writers such as S. Larsson, Henning Mankell, C. Lackberg and others. The writer shares her detailed knowledge of the history of the genre and every chapter deals with a specific subject (e.g. the use of urban space in crime novels) in every Scandinavian country's (Iceland too) literature. I believe that this book, along with Jakob Stougaard Nielsen's study and perhaps Barry Forshaw's attempts to explore the phenomenon, is on the top 5 of the scholarly study on Scandinavian Crime Fiction and even though Sweden is the country which is the center of K. Bergman's attention, the reader will certainly learn a lot about the other countries too.

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