This is a 6-part crime/thriller series set in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. The story begins when four individuals meet for the first time during an unfortunate incident which ends up with the death of a young man, son of a local kingpin who will do anything to avenge his offspring's untimely demise. The plot thickens when the young female police investigator enters the picture, determined to find the culprit(s) of this homicide.

The plot has enough twists and turns to keep the viewer glued to his seat while the photography of this show is simply exquisite. After finishing watching Success (original title: Uspjeh) I wanted to visit Zagreb as soon as possible as the city is captured in such a wonderful way that convinces you to make this trip. The performances are exceptional, both the protagonists and the secondary characters are portrayed realistically and plausibly, nothing like the cardboard good guys Vs Villains of the American productions.

Overall, Success is a more than successful addition to the year's best crime TV shows from Europe and it leaves you thirsty for more. I would like to check out more series from the countries of former Yugoslavia as I'm sure that I will find more diamonds like this one. Make sure not to miss it!