Readers' Most Anticipated Books of Spring

Mar 29, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This list is a republication- Source: Goodreads.

Spring is the season of abundance: a time of lengthening days, flowering blossoms, and—for hopelessly devoted readers—giant stacks of books. So, of course, we are here with our annual look at readers' most anticipated books of spring!

Our Big Books of Spring collection returns for 2023 with a frankly awesome lineup of incoming titles. You may recognize some of these names. Among the marquee authors publishing in the next few months: Isabel Allende, S.A. Cosby, Charles Frazier, R.F. Kuang, Ann Napolitano, and Lisa See.

From the SFF desk, look for new books from veterans Brandon Sanderson and Justin Cronin, plus several buzzy debuts concerning generation starships, future blood sports, and corporatized time travel. Horror fans will want to check out new books from Victor LaValle and T. Kingfisher, plus some scary stories about, oh, Native American demons, Mexican ghosts, and extremely problematic beauty influencers.

There's also historical nonfiction from Timothy Egan, romance from Abby Jimenez, and some innovative YA storytelling that goes in another direction entirely.

All the books listed are slated to be published in the U.S. between mid-March and June. As always, titles are sorted by genre and largely determined by you, the loyal Goodreads regular. Books are selected by tracking early reviews and the titles that people are sorting onto their Want to Read shelves.

Be sure to add anything that catches your eye to your own Want to Read shelf, and let us know what you're reading and recommending in the comments.

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