Quicksand is originally a novel, written by Malin Persson Giolito and it should be noted that the book was awarded the Glass Key Award (2017). This 6-part television series remains faithful to the original material and if you liked the novel, I think that you will be satisfied with this adaptation.

Quicksand narrates the story of Maja, an upper-class teenager in today's Stockholm who, along with her boyfriend Sebastian, opens fire in their school class one morning with fatal consequences. So, as anybody can understand, there is no mystery here regarding the whodunit aspect but the emphasis is given to the whydunit. What reasons could possibly Maja and Martin have in order to commit such a horrendous atrocity?

Through the slow-paced, evolution of the plot, we gradually learn about the true motives of the two perpetrators and the wider context of their troubled lives. There is a lot of family and courtroom drama involved, as we follow Maja's prosecution from her arrest all the way until the final verdict. The main problem is that I find it impossible for the audience to really empathize with Maja, who is the main protagonist, or with any of the main characters for that matter. It is a sad and distressing story, narrated in a distant, even cold, manner. I believe that it will mainly appeal to the readers who enjoyed the novel, otherwise, I don't think that it matches with other recent Nordic Noir television exports in terms of quality.