This is a truly sad and depressing film about Stefano, a young ex-junkie who is arrested with small quantities of pot and cocaine. During his search, he falls victim to police brutality acts and gets seriously injured. The rest of the film consists of the odyssey of Stefano, who is slowly surrendering his body and spirit to pass away, a week after his arrest and while he is still in custody. The soundtrack plays along with the story that we, as viewers, are witnessing and adds to the general bleak atmosphere of the film. On My Skin certainly raises questions about the misuse of power from the authorities but above all is a painful account of the last days of a young man and the parent's reaction to Stefano's tough journey. The film has a very slow tempo, placing the emphasis on the protagonist's emotions and the soundtrack contributes to that direction. This is certainly not a movie for everybody and the viewer should be expecting a tough experience with almost no action and a disturbing true story, difficult to digest.