New Nordic film and TV releases coming in March – on Viaplay, MUBI and Cinema

Mar 27, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This article is a republication- Source: Nordic Watchlist.

Check out these great upcoming releases in March that we think should be on your watchlist!


Love Me – Season 2 | 9th March

First up on Viaplay is the return of the popular romcom series, Love Me, which has been a popular series in Sweden and has an incredible cast, including the likes of Gustav Lindh (Top Dog), Edvin Ryding (The Playlist), Dilan Gwyn (Two Sisters), Sofia Karemyr (Partisan), and also the incredibly talented Josephine Bornebusch who stars, directs, and has written the series.

We have just started this series and we are hooked. Keep an eye on Josephine Bornebusch as an upcoming talent!

Thin Blue Line – Season 2 | 23rd March

In a way we have been really lucky with Viaplay launching in the UK last year; where we have waited so long to see some series’ that were released 2-3 years ago in their native countries, we are now getting the opportunity to catch up with them – and find the next season is already on its way!

In this case we are so delighted to see that Sweden’s second season of Thin Blue Line is coming to Viaplay this month. Having binge watched the first season we can’t wait to get back involved with the lives of a team of police officers in Malmo – including the likes of of Gizem Erdogan (The Playlist) and Oscar Toringe (Top Dog).

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