Movie Adaptions You Didn’t Realize Were From Books

Jun 10, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This list is a republication- Source: Novel Suspects.

So many films come out every year, and it’s not always obvious just how many are actually adaptations of books. Action movies and thriller movies are especially likely to be adapted from novels. It’s true that there are plenty of original movie screenplays out there, but tons of great movies get their start as books. You may have heard of these popular movies, but have you heard of the books they’re based on? Some of these movies stick closely to the plot of the original thriller books, crime novels, mysteries, and horror books they’re based on. Some of them draw loose inspiration from books, but rework the plot in significant ways. Either way, these films—and the books they’re adapted from—are worth a watch and a read. Here are seven crime films that are based on mystery & thriller books you may or may not have heard of before.

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