This is a Spanish production (original title: Que Dios Nos Perdone), directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen (The Realm, Stockholm) and starring two great Spanish actors, Antonio de la Torre The Fury of a Patient Man, Marshland), and Roberto Álamo (The Skin I Live In, Bajo Sospecha) who are both outstanding in their respective roles as two homicide investigators who are dealing with a nasty case of a series of brutal rapes, committed in Madrid. The victims are all elderly, defenseless women, a fact that makes the crime even more gruesome and appalling. You should bear in mind that this is not a film for the faint of heart and in many parts, the audience may feel disturbed, not because of graphic, brutal scenes but mainly due to the movie's overall mood that exudes darkness and pessimism. In many parts, May God Save Us brought to my mind the popular True Detective television series, especially in terms of characterization and atmosphere, and this is, of course, is meant as a compliment. Spain remains a solid choice when it comes to quality crime productions, both on silver screen and television. If you enjoyed Marshland and Contratiempo you should definitely check this one out. This film undoubtedly deserves a compact five-star rating.