Legend Times launches book podcast

Mar 27, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This news excerpt is a republication- Source: The Bookseller (by Alice Kemp-Habib).

Legend Times publishing group is launching a new book podcast, “Another Book Podcast”, with the first episode available today (Monday, 6th February).

Hosted by marketing manager Olivia Le Maistre and supported by Acast, the podcast promises author interviews, book reviews and chats with people in the book industry.

In the first episode, Le Maistre is joined by Legend Times employees for a meet the team episode. Bookstagrammer Ashton Mucha (a.k.a. @peepmybookshelf), writer Stela Brinzeanu and author David Derbyshire will also feature across the 20-episode series.

Lucy Chamberlain, publicity director at Legend, said the podcast will offer a “behind the scenes look at publishing and how the industry works”.

Le Maistre added: “I’m so pleased that we are launching ‘Another Book Podcast’ to talk about all things books and publishing. I cannot wait to share many joyous and insightful conversations between people from across the book industry, with our discussions varying from getting into the publishing industry and writing a novel, to what it’s like being the reader and sharing your thoughts on a book with the community. I am, of course, also looking forward to trying lots of biscuits.”

Legend Times is inviting suggestions for author guests from publicists. Email ideas to Le Maistre at

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