La Moustache is one of the most underrated and little-known non-genre European films ever shot. I was intrigued by reading the synopsis of the film, that is: a man shaves his mustache after a lot of years but nobody around him seems to acknowledge the fact, something that slowly drives the main character, Marc (an excellent performance by Vincent Lyndon), to the edge of insanity where the border between the real and the unreal can no longer be undoubtedly set. What is really happening? Is it a conspiracy of his wife and friends in order to put him in an asylum or Marc is, in reality, a severely mentally unbalanced person? The movie offers no definite answer in the end and, even though many think that this is a flaw, in my opinion, this is the perfect ending to an ingenious story. Certainly, this is not a film for everyone and it will mainly appeal to the admirers of Luis Buñuel cinema and the theater of the absurd. If you are looking for a movie experience beyond Hollywoodian genre films, La Moustache will prove to be a lasting experience.