NOTE: This list is a republication- Source: CrimeReads (by Joshilyn Jackson).

For my latest thriller, With My Little Eye, I wanted to write a creepy, twisty, funhouse-ride of a story that also let me examine our national unhealthy obsession with celebrity, the insane beauty standards we put on women (especially as we age), and what privacy looks like in the age of social media. The idea of being watched is both enticing and terrifying for everyone with an Instagram. “Look at me—but not too hard, and not too long!” If you are an actor—or a dancer, or a musician, or even a writer—you can’t opt out. You have to put yourself out there.

As I began to write what I thought would be a many-voiced story, the character of a working actor decided take center stage, as it were. Meribel Mills isn’t super-famous. She’s best known for a small but juicy part on an iconic 90’s sit-com, but that doesn’t save her from catching the eye of an obsessive fan. An actor’s life is a fertile ground in which to grow a tale about a stalker so divorced from reality that he will follow the middle-aged, single mom who once played his teenage obsession all the way across the country.

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