First trailer for the Swedish crime drama "Blackwater" is available

Jan 12, 2023
Dimitris Passas

With the first episode airing on January 15, 2023, the six-part television adaptation of Kerstin Ekman's milestone novel Blackwater (original title: Händelser Vid Vatten). is one of the definite highlights of 2023 as far as Nordic crime drama is concerned. The book still remains a reference point for the scholars and fans of the genre despite its density and complexity that may scare the inexperienced reader. The series was initially going to be directed by Pernilla August but due to the Covid-19 restrictions the project went off the rails and Mikael Marcimain was called to replace August behind the cameras. The seasoned actor Magnus Krepper will lead the cast that includes several notable Swedish performers. The story synopsis is as follows: “One midsummer evening 1970, two tourists are found murdered in a tent. The crime intertwines the lives of four random people.” If the screenwriter(s) remain(s) loyal to the original source, then we are all in for a captivating watching experience. It is the second production from ITV Studios-backed Apple Tree, a company founded by Lars Hermann and Piv Bernth, which has been involved in the making of iconic shows such as The Killing, The Legacy, Follow the Money, and The Bridge. You can watch the show's trailer on Youtube -click here- to get a first glimpse into this opulent Swedish production.

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