Exclusive: Fremantle grabs Finnish series 'The Revenge' from The Invincibles creators

Jun 27, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This article is a republication- Source: Nordisk Film & TV Fond (by Annika Pham).

Exclusive: The eight-part drama series produced by Moskito Television for C More-MTV has started filming in Helsinki.

The global distribution group Fremantle has picked up the anticipated new series by director Matti Kinnunen, twice nominated for the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize-best-Nordic screenplay-with the series Cargo and The Invincibles, and credited for the hit detective drama Helsinki Crimes.

As with The Invincibles, Matti Kinnunen has co-created the show with Moskito Television’s head of drama Mari Kinnunen, and shares the writing credit with episodic writer Mikko Reitala. Mari Kinnunen serves as producer.

Toplining the international cast are rising star Pyry Kähkönen (Karkurit, The Missile), seasoned actress Matleena Kuusniemi (Hooked, Frozen Land), as well as Elias Salonen (Bordertown, A Good Family), Anna Böhm (Enemy of the People, Mental), French actresses Elvire Lestrade and Hervine de Boodt (Troubadours celestes).

In the story, the viewer is placed in the middle of a mother/son power game. Hiding behind false identities, the young and handsome Jesse (Kähkönen) returns to Helsinki after years spent abroad. He is driven by a burning wish to seek justice, heritage belonging to him, and to revenge. One of the key backdrops for the series is a multinational security company, Ametist Security, which vows to fight the ever-growing fear and lack of security in society.

“The series deals with the themes of rejection and abandonment, alienation, vice and vulnerability” said Mari Kunninen, who wanted to explore with the director, “the human nature, especially the darker side, the roots of wrong-doing, cruelty and unbalanced behaviour, without presenting evil in a simplified way,” she told us.”

Filming just started in Helsinki and will continue in Tallinn and around the Mediterranean, until mid-September 2023.

The show commissioned by MTV-C More, is co-financed by Moskito Television owners Fremantle, with further partners to be announced. The premiere on C More-MTV is set for 2024.​

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