Congress Introduces New Bill to Fight Book Bans in Schools

Dec 13, 2023
Dimitris Passas

NOTE: This article is a republication- Source: Publishers Weekly (by Andrew Albanese).

A group of Democratic members of Congress this week introduced new federal legislation aimed at combating the surge of book banning in schools. Introduced on December 5 by Florida’s Maxwell Alejandro Frost and Frederica Wilson, and Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, the Fight Book Bans Act would offer school districts funding to defend against the ongoing surge in challenges to books and educational materials that has led to thousands of titles being pulled from school library bookshelves.

“Book bans in Florida and in states across the nation are a direct attack on our freedoms and liberties everywhere. As my home state shamefully leads the country in book bans, we cannot let this censorship and dismantling of our education system go unchecked,” said Frost, at a press conference unveiling the new bill. “The Fight Book Bans Act takes a stand against censorship to firmly stand on the side of history, education, our students, teachers, and schools, who don’t deserve to suffer the consequences of radical politics in the classroom. This is about protecting our libraries and protecting truth and history.”

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