This collection of short stories was a real treat for me, a devoted lover of Nordic noir, as there are several very important Swedish crime authors taking part in the anthology, edited by John-Henri Holmberg. There is also a story written by the late Stieg Larsson, author of the notorious Millenium trilogy, titled Brain Power, which is perhaps the best in the book. Furthermore, the reader has the opportunity to indulge in the work of well-known writers of the crime fiction genre such as Tove Alsterdal, Rolf & Cilla Börjlind, Malin Persson Giolito, Anna Jansson, Eva Gabrielsson (Stieg Larsson's lover and partner for more than 30 years), Johan Theorin as well as a Henning Mankell and Håkan Nesser collaboration in which the two detectives, Wallander, and Van Veeteren, meet each other and have a small interaction. I also enjoyed the story under the title The Multi-Millionaire by the godfathers of Swedish crime fiction, Maj Sjöwall, and Per Wahlöö. It goes without saying that A Darker Shade will appeal to the many Nordic noir aficionados and I would also recommend listening to this anthology in its audiobook version which is perfectly narrated.