I purchased this anthology without knowing anything about the author, so I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but in the end, I can say that the majority of the short stories satisfied me. You should bear in mind that I'm not an ardent fan of short crime stories as they lack the necessary plot development elements and proper characterization.

Last Train to Helsingør convinced me to invest some time in its reading and I found that some of the stories had great potentials such as the titular one (the first story in the anthology), The Night Guard, The Light from Dead Stars, The Ghost of Helene Jørgensen, Detained and some others. Almost all of the stories, which are set in Copenhagen, have a horror touch, sometimes effective, sometimes not. Heidi Amsinck is one of the new names in the Nordic Noir genre and the first impressions are definitely not bad. I am waiting for her next writing attempts in order to evaluate properly her contribution in the ever-growing Scandi-crime fiction category.