1) You have publicly admitted that two of your novels have been left unpublished and that caused you a great deal of stress in the beginning of your career as a writer. Is this the reason why you chose an unknown, underappreciated prospective author as the protagonist of the story? Do you feel a special kinship to the character of Alex?

2) In "The Writing Retreat", you flirt with horror fiction, even though you don't fully succumb to the conventions of the genre. Do you find greater potential, in terms of narrative strength, in mixing elements from disparate genres than staying loyal to a specific literal category's rules and norms?

3) Your way of handling the -risky- "book-within-a-book" trope is exemplary and speaks for a seasoned storyteller. Can you tell us some favorite novels of yours which employed that particular narrative technique?

4) Is the extravagant persona of Roza Vallo based on an actual person you've encountered in the past or is she a complete figment of your vivid imagination?

5) You work as a therapist, offering precious advice and guidance to the people who seek a cure for a variety of dysfunctional emotions and mindsets. In a previous interview that you gave (you can find it here), you have stated: "I really want readers to come away feeling less shame and more compassion towards themselves". Do you believe that your work as an author shares similarities with your vocation as therapist? Can humans be helped, or even healed, by reading literature?

6) Your maternal grandmother, Marianna Denes, a holocaust survivor wrote a memoir in which she describes living conditions in Hungary under the Communist regime. Did her written testament contribute to the shaping of your own intentions and aspirations in regards to writing?

7) Can you share with our readers your future writing plans? Are you currently working on your second novel?